What's more dangerous: Buses or trains?

buses or trains?Even truthful statistics often don’t tell the whole story.  Consider bus vs. train statistics.  In recent years, bus fatalities have averaged 330 per year, versus train fatalities of about 15.  Those bus fatalities, however,  include both bus passengers and others killed in crashes involving a bus, whereas the train fatalities include only passengers on a train. 

To make the statistics more comparable, we must add the average 340 people -- generally not train passengers -- who are killed annually at railroad crossings (perhaps not surprising when we learn that roads cross train tracks at more than 220,000 locations in the country).  The statistics also tend to favor bus safety when we recognize that train passengers log about 6 billion miles annually, versus 150 billion for bus passengers. 

Commercial air travel, on the other hand, logs about 600 billion annual miles, usually killing fewer than 50 people in the process.

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