What's more dangerous: The pen or the sword?

pen or sword?A few years ago a young woman was murdered by being stabbed nearly 100 times with a pen.  More recently, a porn actor killed a colleague with a sword, albeit a prop from one of his movies.  In modern times, however, neither pens nor swords have directly killed very many people. 

Indirectly, on the other hand, the pen and sword death toll in the 20th Century alone probably exceeded 200 million victims.  Swords, and other implements of warfare, killed about 20 million in World War I, about 60 million people in World War II, and about 3 million each in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  Pens, and the communist and fascist ideologies they spewed, led Stalin and Mao each to liquidate about 40 million perceived enemies of the state, Hitler perhaps another 20 million, and Chiang Kai-shek perhaps 10 million more.  The record is clear that both pens and swords are extremely dangerous, and to be avoided at all costs.

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