What's more dangerous: Being a man or a being woman?

man or woman?It is substantially more dangerous to be male than female, at all ages, and in nearly all countries.  This was not true a hundred or more years ago, due largely to maternal mortality, but this cause of death has been considerably reduced, again in nearly all countries, allowing natural female superiority to shine through. 

This is supported by worldwide comparative data showing male life expectancy, in years, plus the female advantage, as follows:   Africa (50+4), India (62+2), China (68+3), Latin America (69+7), USA (73+7), Europe (74+6), and Japan (77+6).  It is also supported by U.S. data showing excess male mortality rates (meaning percent more than the female rate) by age and percent as follows:  age 0 (26), 10 (23), 20 (187), 30 (133), 40 (79), 50 (79), 60 (58), 70 (51), and 80 (43).  Yes, nearly three times (2.87) as many 20-year-old males die each year compared to 20-year-old females!

Complicating factors (such as fatal discrimination against girls in some parts of the world, and disproportionate numbers of men in wars) are reflected in the data, and thus don’t undermine the conclusion that it’s a frightening thing to be male.

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