What's more dangerous: Driving at daytime or nighttime?

daytime or nighttime?More Americans are killed on the road during dusk (5 to 7 p.m.) than during any comparable two-hour period throughout the rest of the day.  This is largely because road usage is at its peak during those hours, however, and not because you’re at greater risk while driving home from work as compared to weaving home after the bars are closed.  The auto fatality rate, per mile driven, is about three times greater for night driving, relative to daytime driving.  This is partly due to the fact that three times as many nighttime fatal crashes as daytime fatal crashes (54% versus 18%) are alcohol-related. 

Sleepiness is also more of a factor at night, of course, and is starting to be recognized as a major contributor to auto fatalities.  Finally, while headlights are much improved in recent years, they remain far less effective than the sun in illustrating the hazards that lie ahead.


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