We all know that insurance is meant to protect our assets. If something expensive happens that's beyond our control, the ability to file an insurance claim means we don't have to come up with the money to pay for it ourselves. However, we've found some strange insurance claims out there. We can't believe some of these have even filed in the first place. More astonishingly, some of these claims were actually paid. Here are eight of the weirdest we've found:

1. Abducted by aliens We generally think that alien abduction only happens on the X-Files. But some people take it very seriously because there's a market for alien abduction insurance. Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP), a London-based insurance brokerage, specializes in strange types of insurance - anything from immaculate conception insurance to alien abduction insurance. In fact, the company even paid a claim once. GRIP paid out one million pounds to a man in Britain who claimed to have been abducted. True, the man was a business partner with the managing director of GRIP, but the claim was still paid.

2. Dentures lost at sea Cruises are popular vacations, among the old and the young alike. However, it the sea gets choppy, you might find yourself getting seasick. One man found this out the hard way when he lost his dentures overboard. His cruise ship was experiencing rough waters in the Bay of Biscay, and his stomach was experiencing a rather upset feeling. As he vomited over the side of the ship, his dentures fell into the water, and were lost to the depths. Lucky for him, his travel insurance decided that his false teeth constituted lost baggage.

3. Had a bad hair day While on vacation, a man filed a claim with his travel insurance. He claimed that his daughter singed her hair in the oven, necessitating a hair cut. However, the outcome of the haircut wasn't satisfactory. He claimed that the travel insurance should cover the cost of the haircut. The insurance company didn't agree, and refused to cough up.

4. Broken nose as a result of ogling women Greece is known as a popular tourist destination. It is also known for beautiful women wearing very little in the heat. While vacationing in Athens, one man couldn't keep his eyes where he was walking. As he ogled a group of women wearing bikinis, he walked straight into a bus stop shelter. He hit so hard that his nose was broken. The man went to the hospital to have it looked at, and his insurance company picked up the tab.

5. Stressed out due to shooting a monkey Law enforcement jobs are unquestionably stressful, especially considering the strange and often violent situations cops find themselves in. Officer Frank Chiafari, however, found out some emotional duress claims can be considered too far-fetched. In 2009, Chiafari arrived at the scene of a brutal attack by a chimpanzee that left one person seriously injured. He shot the chimp when it tried to enter his police car. Chiafari filed a workers compensation insurance claim for stress the situation caused him, but the city decided that, because it was a chimp and not a human who was shot, Chiafari was not eligible.

6. A bunch of monkeys robbed me When visiting Asia, it's common to encounter monkeys. They can be playful, but also mischievous. A couple in Malaysia found out the hard way. After heading out on an excursion, the couple returned to the hotel to find their clothes missing, and their room a shambles. A brief investigation uncovered that a bunch of monkeys broke into the hotel room through an open room window and stole the clothes. They scattered them through a nearby rainforest. Lucky for the couple that they had travel insurance which covered the cost of the clothes.

7. A case of road rash A man allowed his girlfriend ride his motorcycle, which she crashed. However, he was worried that, since he wasn't driving the bike at the time, the claim would not be paid out. So he told his insurance company that he was driving. But to make it look real, he asked his friend to drag him behind a truck in order to produce a realistic case of road rash. Then, with his evidence on his body, he filed his claim. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend had already told the police that she had been driving the motorcycle when it crashed. Ouch!