My former publisher is an unabashed mysophobe. This is someone who has a pathological fear of being contaminated by germs. He would come into work and immediately break out the Lysol wipes and clean everything on his desk and in his cubicle — every single day. When he would join employees for lunch at a restaurant, he would wipe down every piece of silverware and demand a new drinking glass.

Let's face it, germs are everywhere, and if you allow yourself to be plagued by germ fears you could be looking at hefty therapy bills down the road — just to cope with everyday life.

I read in a recent study by the Department of Biology at Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas, that some germs cannot thrive on stainless steel surfaces. The study measured the growth rate of bacteria on plastic and stainless steel push plates in 45 public restrooms. After contaminating the plates with S. aureus, researchers found that the staph germ could not survive on the stainless steel surfaces. Regrettably, the bacteria remained on plastic surfaces for up to five hours.

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