It's a little known fact, but many health insurance plans offer some form of coverage for expenses related to breastfeeding. Medela Inc., an Illinois-based company that sells breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories, launched a new resource this month to help new and expectant mothers access health insurance coverage related to breastfeeding.

The company launched a Web site that allows women to access comprehensive information and tools designed to help them determine if their insurance company offers coverage for breastfeeding-related expenses (breast pump rental/purchase or lactation consultants).

The site also contains sample letters that show how to seek assistance from an employer, health care provider and lactation consultant. Other resources include: coverage questions to ask your insurer, tips for communicating with your insurer, guide on the benefits of breast milk, how to file an insurance claim related to breastfeeding, lactation consultant coverage, how to appeal a denied insurance claim and a quick insurance coding reference guide.