When we're shopping for a new car, most of us don't trust that our car salesperson is giving us the best deal possible. So why would we trust them for car insurance advice?

Yet apparently many car salespeople give advice about insurance issues they generally know nothing about. This isn't just overstepping their bounds -- it's likely illegal in your state.

State insurance regulations dictate who can "solicit" insurance -- and that includes directing folksto certain insurers and offering advice on who has the best prices.

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance recently announced it had received complaints from consumers that some car salespeople were "assisting" customers in the purchase of auto insurance. This included recommending companies, telling customers that their financing depended on buying insurance from a particular company, having the customer use the salesperson's computer to buy a policy -- and making sure it was set to display a particular insurer!

Hey, don't let some numskull at a car dealership make an important financial decision for you. If you're unsure about a car insurance issue, take the time to research it online or talk to a licensed agent.