Farewell, Hummers! I'll be glad to see you eventually disappear from the road! GM announced last week that the sale of its Hummer brand to a Chinese auto maker fell through after the buyer was unable to get Chinese regulators to approve the sale.

No sadness on my part. Hummers are the most obnoxious vehicles on the road, driven primarily by people desperate for attention and selfish in their own personal safety. They buy a gas-guzzling vehicle that will protect them in a crash but will also do serious injury to others.

Consider this: Generally the vehicle you choose does not affect your car insurance rates for liability coverage. But in the case of the Hummer, some insurers charge a higher liability premium because when Hummer drivers crash they cause far more damage and injury than any other vehicle.

There are loads of vehicles out there with excellent crash test results and safety protection features like side air bags. We don't need vehicles on the road that are a threat to others' safety just because the drivers have a consuming need to be noticed by others.