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The 11 wackiest celebrity body part insurance policies

Celebrities are a funny lot. Many start out just like you and me – the average Joe and Joanne from a middle class family. Along the way, though, something happens. Maybe it's the money. Maybe it's the adulation. Maybe it's the being surrounded by loonies trying to get a piece of their fortune and fame. Whatever it is, some celebs spend obscene amounts of money on insuring certain parts of their anatomy. Take a look at these 11 wacky celebrity body part insurance policies. 11. Shirley MacLaine – Alien Abduction, $25 Yes, alien abduction insurance exists - and world-famous actress, dancer and author Shirley MacLaine bought a policy worth $25. With numerous books explaining her beliefs in new age spirituality, it's no surprise that MacLaine believes aliens exist. It should also come as no surprise that she believes alien abduction to be a possibility. We're just scratching our heads about the $25 payout. Maybe she's just a little concerned. 10. Jennifer Lopez – Booty, $27 million Let's play the name game. When I say Jennifer Lopez, what's the first thing you think of? Exactly. J Lo has made a career out of shaking her behind. While she has tried to… (continue reading......)

10 truly bizarre things insurance can cover

When it comes to insurance, most people think about the basics - health, life, home, auto. Some people consider disability insurance as well. However, most people don't think that they'll need alien abduction insurance, and most men don't think about getting paternity insurance. But these insurance policies are real. Here are some of the bizarre things you can actually get insurance coverage for: Alien Abduction If you are concerned about being abducted, against your will, off the planet Earth, you can purchase insurance that might help compensate you for the psychological and physical damage you experience. You can get coverage for a relatively low amount ($25 to $50 for a lifetime policy), and the payout can be up to $10 million. Of course, if you do make a claim, you are likely to find that the payout is $1 to $5 a year – for the next 2 million to 10 million years. Make sure you read the fine print. For more read from alien abductions to celebrity body parts, people insure the wackiest things. Paternity Are you a ladies' man? If so, you might consider paternity insurance. This is an insurance policy that is purchased to help cover the… (continue reading......)

Get any e-mails from a hitman lately?

Fraud is no laughing matter, but some bold outlaws have invented loony scams. Popular Internet scams in 2009 involved hitmen, economic stimulus funds, astrological readings, work-from-home job sites and fake pop-up ads for antiviral software. But it's the hitman scam that caught my eye. Imagine receiving an e-mail from someone claiming to be a member of an organization such as the "Ishmael Ghost Islamic Group." He informs you that he was hired to kill you. But if you pay him $800, he'll cancel the hit. It's hard to believe someone would fall for such a scam! But according to a 2009 Internet Crime Report issued by U.S. Justice Department's Internet Crime Complaint Center, people have fallen for it. The report also states that online crime complaints increased substantially last year (jumping 22.3 percent, while total losses linked to online fraud reached almost $560 million). Other common Internet-scam complaints for 2009 involved identity theft, spam, auction fraud, non-delivery of merchandise, overpayment fraud, credit card fraud, computer damage and scams involving FBI imposters. (continue reading......)

U.K. gives casino insurance a spin

Online gamblers in the U.K. have access to a new type of insurance that American gamers won't be seeing anytime soon: casino insurance. Offered to players at online gambling site Devilfish.com (which does not accept wagers from the United States), casino insurance promises cash back for non-winning online gambling sessions each month. For example, a gambler with the Devilfish insurance who loses 50 euros in a month will get back 5 euros. At the maximum, a gambler who loses 1,000 euros in a month will get back 150. The free insurance automatically applies to all Devilfish.com players without an opt-in required. Devilfish hopes the insurance will encourage gamblers "to enjoy their favorite games even more." It would be difficult, if not downright impossible, for an insurance company to introduce a policy like this in the United States. That's because the insurer would have to file approval documents in every state in order to sell a new policy nationwide, and an application for "online gambling" would certainly be met by state regulators with raised eyebrows and, I would expect, a smirk and a drop into the "circular file." (continue reading......)

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