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Dog gone! Can insurance companies save our pets?

The rising cost of pet insurance The American Veterinary Medical Association says pet ownership has plummeted in this country, with two million fewer dogs and almost 8 million fewer pet cats than just six years ago. I've heard all sorts of reasons for the growing absence of the family pet. An obvious one is the lingering recession. When I see shoppers buy canned pet food these days, I no longer assume it's for the family dog. It could be for them! Another reason is downsizing. Fewer people live in homes which can accommodate furry friends; many people no longer live in homes. Then there is the all-to-common divorce or separation of a family. Children used to dream about a puppy or kitten. Now the distress of living in single-parent homes caused by the on-going war, the economy or the inability to sell a home when a job is offered in another place creates a big burden on the parent left behind. He or she doesn't need a dog to walk or a litter box to clean, on top of everything else. Worth her weight in gold But I heard another reason when my son came home from the vet's. A couple of shots, a check of… (continue reading......)

How to evacuate your home with your pet

When I began working on my family disaster preparedness plan, I thought I had it all under control. Non-perishable food? Check. Plenty of water? Check. Extra medications, clothes, toiletries and other necessities? Check! I even made copies of my home insurance policy and other important papers -- just in case. I was feeling quite proud of myself until I looked down and saw my beloved cat twirling herself around my ankles, purring up a storm. My emergency evacuation plan was done for humans -- but how could I forget about my furry bundle of joy? Emergencies happen every day. You never know when your life plunge into chaos. The Insurance Information Institute recommends making your pets part of your family disaster plan by forming an evacuation protocol for them in the event of an emergency. I started with the basics. This included a carrier for my cat, cans of food, bottled water, a leash and a small box of cat litter. Those basic necessities might get her through a few nights, but what if we were stuck away from home for a while? When creating an evacuation plan, remember the long-term things you might need. Have a copy of your… (continue reading......)

Top 10 ways pets break bones

2TQXXRY727W4 It's not surprising that cars pose a huge danger to pets. But have you ever considered your household furniture as a big threat to your furry friend? According to Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), pets commonly break bones by falling or jumping from furniture. VPI, the nation's oldest and largest provider of pet insurance, recently analyzed its claims data and found that jumping or falling, usually from furniture, are the most common ways pets break bones – after car accidents. In 2008, VPI received more than 5,000 claims for fractures. Roughly 40 percent resulted from car accidents. But the second and third most common causes involved pets jumping and falling – making up another 40 percent of fracture claims. VPI states that these claims most often involved pets jumping or falling from couches, beds and even the laps of their owners. Top 10 Ways Pets Break Bones Hit by car Jumping Falling Fight with other pet or animal Running and slipping Caught in or between object Running into object Injured in car accident According to VPI, claims for such accidents ranged from $1,500 to $2,600. That's a lot of money. Has your pet ever been involved in an accident? (continue reading......)

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