I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but it turns out I made a pretty good choice the last time I purchased a vehicle. According to new rankings of car insurance rates from Insure.com, the Honda Odyssey EX is among the least expensive vehicles to insure. More than 2,400 models were surveyed.

Like many car buyers, I didn't consider insurance costs when I bought my vehicle. I chose the Odyssey over its competitors because it has terrific acceleration (crucial when making a fast left turn out of the day care parking lot into traffic) and because it can turn on a dime (necessary for the sharp drive-thru curve at a nearby Dunkin Donuts).

But next time I buy a vehicle I will research its insurance rankings. After all, we spend ample time looking for the best deal on vehicle prices, why wouldn't that include finding vehicles that are cheap to insure?