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7 incredibly bizarre insurance claims we can't believe were filed

We all know that insurance is meant to protect our assets. If something expensive happens that's beyond our control, the ability to file an insurance claim means we don't have to come up with the money to pay for it ourselves. However, we've found some strange insurance claims out there. We can't believe some of these have even filed in the first place. More astonishingly, some of these claims were actually paid. Here are eight of the weirdest we've found: 1. Abducted by aliens We generally think that alien abduction only happens on the X-Files. But some people take it very seriously because there's a market for alien abduction insurance. Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP), a London-based insurance brokerage, specializes in strange types of insurance - anything from immaculate conception insurance to alien abduction insurance. In fact, the company even paid a claim once. GRIP paid out one million pounds to a man in Britain who claimed to have been abducted. True, the man was a business partner with the managing director of GRIP, but the claim was still paid. 2. Dentures lost at sea Cruises are popular vacations, among the old and the young alike. However, it the sea… (continue reading......)

Scam artists have always liked insurance

It was only within a day or two of the Haiti earthquake that reports warned about charity scams that claimed to be collecting money for Haitian relief. Scams have always dogged the insurance industry, too. A.M. Best recently reported on a "faux" travel insurance company in Florida that operated without an insurance license. Florida officials intended to shut down Prime Travel Protection Services. Still, the company wasn't caught before selling policies and racking up more than 300 complaints from customers who purchased travel insurance to cover cruises that were eventually cancelled. Of course, it's illegal to sell insurance policies without being licensed. Yet every year unlicensed insurers are caught and disbanded. If you plan to buy a policy from an insurance company you've never heard of, take a minute to verify that it's licensed in your state. Your state insurance department will have a list of licensed insurers. (continue reading......)

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