Online gamblers in the U.K. have access to a new type of insurance that American gamers won't be seeing anytime soon: casino insurance. Offered to players at online gambling site (which does not accept wagers from the United States), casino insurance promises cash back for non-winning online gambling sessions each month.

For example, a gambler with the Devilfish insurance who loses 50 euros in a month will get back 5 euros. At the maximum, a gambler who loses 1,000 euros in a month will get back 150. The free insurance automatically applies to all players without an opt-in required. Devilfish hopes the insurance will encourage gamblers "to enjoy their favorite games even more."

It would be difficult, if not downright impossible, for an insurance company to introduce a policy like this in the United States. That's because the insurer would have to file approval documents in every state in order to sell a new policy nationwide, and an application for "online gambling" would certainly be met by state regulators with raised eyebrows and, I would expect, a smirk and a drop into the "circular file."