The most common insurance claim in midtown Manhattan? Theft. It's probably just smaller items -- the average theft claim is just over $2,000.

In the Windy City Chicago suburb of Darien, where is headquartered, the most common claim is -- surprise! -- wind. The cost tends to average around $5,000.

At the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., water damage is most frequent problem, but slips and falls are to blame for the priciest claims. Must be all those steps. Who designed this building, anyway? Maybe they should consider a pulley or rappelling system to get folks in and out safely.

Water damage is also the most common claim for the ZIP code where Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is located (Santa Barbara County, California), but one of the most expensive claims there is mysterious disappearance. (As in, Oh, my money is gone from my purse. How did that happen?) Someone should look into that.

I learned all this from Allstate's new Common & Costly Claims tool, where you can look up the most common or most expensive claims in any ZIP code. What's the problem where you live?