We all know that eating well and exercising regularly will add years to our lives. Stress will reduce lifespan gains we could have made. Family health history also affects our longevity. But by how much?

Before I commit to a summer exercise regimen, I'd like to know exactly what it's worth to me.

So using Northwestern Mutual's Lifespan Calculator, I discovered that I'd shave three years off my estimated life by sitting here blogging about it rather than getting up and moving. Walking four times a week would could get me two additional years in lifespan, plus I could meet my neighbors and tell them to use this fascinating calculator. If I want to really pack on the years, daily vigorous exercise would get me another three years – but I don't feel like doing that much exercise.

I do eat fruits and vegetables – score another three years for me! I ended up at age 98. That prospect looming, I now need to find myself a good long-term care insurance calculator.