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Ohio takes workers comp online

  • December 2000:
    Employers and workers will have access to basic claim information, including application status, medical information, and compensation payment information, and will receive claim numbers immediately after filing claims online. Employers will view premium rating history online.
  • February 2001:
    Full claim history will be available online. Employers will be able to apply for supplemental coverage, apply for premium discounts, and pay their outstanding balances.
  • April 2001:
    Injured-worker exam scheduling information will be online. Employers will be able to shop for rating plans and request workplace safety and hygiene consulting services.

Employers and workers in Ohio have 24-hour access to the state's Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) after the Nov. 9 launch of the BWC's "Dolphin Project," which puts claims handling, payments, and coverage applications online.

With the launch, injured workers can file a claim online, view their claim's status, and access information about the workers comp claims process. Employers can apply for and obtain coverage, pay premiums and security deposits with a credit card, change their company's information, and view their claims, all online. Doctors treating workers comp patients can update their patients' claim information online.

Improved customer service and greater efficiencies justify the $15 million spent on the e-business initiative, the BWC says. The project took one year to complete, and new features will be rolled out in four separate launches.

"The Dolphin Project will keep BWC on the cutting-edge of customer service," says Jim Conrad, chief executive officer of BWC. "We have sped up the system for injured workers, reduced delays by as much as 75 percent, and opened new avenues for rehabilitation and quicker, safer return to work."

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