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How can I find a health plan if I'm self-employed?

I'm self-employed. How can I find a health plan? Do I need to buy an individual health insurance policy?

You should explore several group health insurance options before you buy a pricey individual plan.

Some states allow the self-employed to purchase health insurance at group rates, as a "group of one." One-person group premiums are significantly lower than premiums on individual health insurance policies.

Of course, some states define a "group" as two or more employees, leaving the self-employed one other option: You may be eligible for an "association" health plan if you belong to the Chamber of Commerce or any trade organization. The problem with association health plans is that if the health plan is not based in your state, it may not be regulated by the state. So if you had a problem or dispute with the health plan, your state's department of insurance would be less effective in helping you.

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