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8. Are their arms crossed?

crossed arms are a good signIf your agent’s arms are crossed during the discussion, it could be a good sign, says Driver.

“When you cross your arms you use your right and left brain,” she says. “You right brain is creative; your left brain wants to play it safe. People who cross arms will stay on difficult tasks 30 percent longer. Crossed arms could be a blessing. They could be finding a solution.”

Driver says an agent with crossed arms may be trying to figure out how to work within your budget or give you a smaller premium.

Come prepared

Some consumers have trouble standing up to high-pressure sales techniques. They need to stick to an agenda to avoid being led astray.

"I see a lot of people buying insurance they don't need,” says Jones. For example, “They are buying flood insurance when they are not in a flood zone."

If you come prepared, even an accomplished "mind reader" won't be able to sway you from your goal. Make a list of the things you need in an insurance policy and bring it to your meeting with your agent.

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