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9 ways to successfully talk your way out of a traffic ticket

Last updated Feb. 7, 2011

moneyA traffic ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines and penalties. Not to mention the increase you could see in your car insurance rates as a result of getting pulled over – especially if you’ve racked up previous tickets, claims or accidents.

While statistics show men receive more traffic tickets than women, that doesn’t necessarily mean that women aren’t pulled over just as much: It could be that gals are better at talking themselves out of tickets.

 "Women are more inclined to communicate and justify their actions," says Michael Ray Smith, Ph.D., professor of communication studies at Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C.

Chances are, if a woman is stopped, she'll provide darn good reasons why she was speeding, whereas a guy will sit in his driver’s seat and stew about getting caught.

"Men also drive more miles than women," says Russ Rader, spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. And more miles logged on the road can mean more tickets.

No matter how many miles you drive, or whatever your reason for rolling through a stop sign, if your next ticket will propel you into higher car insurance rates, talking yourself out of the ticket could save you hundreds of dollars a year on your car insurance. 

How might a woman -- or man -- be able to convince a kind-hearted cop to look the other way during a traffic stop? 

Here's a look at some successful stories and creative spins that drivers have put on their speeding and other traffic violations.

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