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I am single, live alone, and have two cars. I never let anyone else drive either of the cars, and I can only drive one of them at any given time. If I only want liability coverage, why do I have to have both cars insured?

Your argument might make sense on one level, but you have to buy insurance for both cars if you want coverage when driving both.

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It doesn't matter that you can't drive them at the same time or that for all practical purposes you never loan your car to anyone. A standard auto insurance policy covers you, any family member listed on the policy and anyone else you let use that particular car.

All states except New Hampshire require vehicle owners to carry auto liability insurance. Generally, all registered vehicles must be insured.

If you want to save on car insurance expenses, make sure you get a multiple car discount when you collect car insurance quotes, or talk to your insurance agent about the discount if you're not already getting one. The cost to insure two cars for liability shouldn't cost much more than the cost of insuring just one car. Also, check whether you might qualify for a low-mileage discount on either car.

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