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I have full coverage on my truck. I was doing donuts in my yard and hit the house. Will insurance still cover my stupid mistake?

Your car insurance will cover the damages to your truck, but not the damage that your house sustained. 

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You’re in luck that auto insurance covers bad decisions and stupid mistakes.  It doesn’t cover intentional damage.  So, if you had purposely rammed your truck into your home in a fit of anger, then the damage your vehicle received would not be covered by your car insurance policy.

In your situation, the cost of your vehicle’s repairs, or its total loss, is covered under the collision portion of your “full coverage” policy because your truck collided with your home.  Your collision deductible will be due, and this incident will go on your claims report as an at-fault accident, which means it likely will affect your future car insurance rates.

As for your home, your car insurance will not pay for the damage because the liability portion of your car insurance policy excludes coverage for damage to your own property.  The reason is simple: You cannot be held liable to yourself.  Thus, if you hit your mailbox, garage door, other owned vehicle or your house with your truck, your car insurance policy will not cover the property damage.

The damage to your home is likely covered under your homeowners insurance policy; however, you will have to pay your home insurance deductible and this claim could cause your home insurance rates to rise at renewal time. 

If the damage to your vehicle and/or home is minimal, you may want to pay for one or both out of your own pocket so that you don’t end up paying for this stupid mistakes for years by way of higher auto and home insurance premiums.

If you’re unable to pay for the repairs yourself, then by all means do file claims under your auto and home policies.  If your rates rise at renewal time, then compare insurance quotes to see if cheaper premiums are available if you switch providers.

Last updated: Jun. 27, 2014 Redesign Survey