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I have been looking for cheaper car insurance and found a company that is lower in price than my current insurer. What do I do now?

You can switch car insurance carriers and save money.  The number one way to save money on car insurance is to comparison shop. 

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If you find another car insurance company is cheaper than your current insurer that’s great, but first make sure you compared apples to apples (same policy coverages, limits and deductibles).  You don’t want to switch insurers to realize it’s so cheap because your limits are half what they used to be.

If the new carrier will indeed save you money, then there is one more step I recommend before you pull the plug and changes insurers – investigate the new carrier.

It’s your job as a consumer to make certain the new auto insurance carrier is financially stable and has a decent customer service rating.

You don’t want to get a great price but end up with a company that can’t pay claims or has horrible customer service. Our best insurance companies tool gives you customer satisfaction ratings as well as A.M. Best financial strength ratings of top car insurance providers. 

If you’re happy with your findings on the new auto insurance company, then feel free to buy your car insurance policy with it and drop your coverage with your old company.   It’s smart to have a day overlap of the policies to make sure the new coverage is in place before the old one ends because even a one-day lapse in coverage could get you penalized in many states.

Make sure you don’t just let your old policy cancel out due to nonpayment. You need to inform your insurer that you’re cancelling. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked who your new insurer is -- many states require insurers to provide this information. 

Read “How to correctly drop your car insurance” for more tips on how to cancel your old policy.

Last updated: Jul. 21, 2014 Redesign Survey