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My 21-year-old daughter was driving our car that was insured and a lady pulled out in front of her going on a blinking yellow light and my daughter was going straight on a green light. My daughter got a ticket for not having a license. It was the other person’s fault and now her insurance does not want to pay for the damage. What should we do?

That sounds like a bogus reason for a claim denial, if that is the reason that the other driver’s insurer is citing.

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Even though your daughter was driving uninsured, it shouldn’t affect your claim against the other driver. While your own policy probably states that only licensed drivers are covered, you’re not making a claim against your own policy, and you don’t have any such contract with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If the insurer continues to deny your claim, I recommend you contact your state department of insurance. They can explain your rights and, if needed, you can file a complaint against the other insurance company with the department of insurance.

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