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My car insurance will be up for renewal soon. Should I start to comparison shop for rates now or wait until I get my renewal notice?

Go ahead and start now.

[Let help you find affordable car insurance now.]

While many motorists wait until renewal time to shop for lower car insurance rates, you can shop and switch auto insurance anytime during the policy period.

That being said, it’s easier to make the change when your current policy is ending rather than changing in the middle of your policy period. By comparison shopping now, you’ll know immediately if you should stay or if you should go elsewhere to get cheaper rates when you receive your renewal notice from your current car insurance company. 

You may qualify for an early renewal discount from your insurer or, if you switch insurers, an early shopping discount if you make the change seven to 14 days before the end of your current policy.

Before you get started comparing car insurance quotes, pull out your current car insurance policy so you’re certain to compare the same coverages, limits and deductibles.  And, if you do find a new insurer that is cheaper, I recommend you check out its financial stability and customer service ratings before you switch. had customer satisfaction scores and A.M. ratings to help you find the best car insurance companies.  You don’t want to go with an auto insurance company that offers low rates but bad customer service.

Last updated: Aug. 27, 2014 Redesign Survey