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Is my 22-year-old son covered when he drives my fully insured car?

A standard car insurance policy generally covers you, members of your household who are listed on the policy and anyone you give permission to drive the car.

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So yes, your 22-year-old son would be covered. However, he should be listed as a driver on the policy if he lives with you. Otherwise, he would not be covered. An insurance company could interpret your lapse in listing him on the policy as misrepresentation.

If he is no longer a member of your household, then he is covered if he borrows the car with your permission.

Is your son a college student who lives at home only for short periods during school breaks? Then you should still list him on the policy, but you could be eligible for a discount. Many car insurance companies offer substantial discounts for college students attending school away from home, where they don't have access to the family car. (Of course, he needs his own car insurance policy if he owns a car.)

Call your car insurance agent to make certain your son is covered and you're getting the discounts to which you're entitled.

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