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I got hit by a pickup truck in the state of Louisiana. The truck is at fault and has insurance, but I didn’t have my car insured. Will his insurance still pay to get my car fixed?

No, due to the Louisiana “no pay, no play law” that is in place to dissuade drivers from operating a vehicle while uninsured you won’t be able to use the truck owner’s car insurance to get your vehicle repaired.

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Louisiana is a special state for car insurance claims because it doesn’t allow uninsured motorists (aside from a few exceptions) to obtain compensation for the first $15,000 in damages for bodily injury and first $25,000 for property damage.  These amounts are equal to the state-required minimum bodily injury liability and property damage liability car insurance coverages.

So, while you may not have been at fault for the accident that damaged your car, you’re stuck paying for its repairs because you were driving without insurance. 

My recommendation is to get car insurance on your vehicle as quickly as possible so you don’t end up in this type of situation again  Also, as an uninsured driver you can be ticketed and fined $175 and have to pay the state a lapse fee of between $50 and $500 depending upon how long your vehicle was uninsured.

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