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See what your insurance company sees: A guide to obtaining your own reports

Insurance companies have access to an extensive amount of information about your life, your family, your health, and your personal history. There are database and information-management companies that exist solely to traffic in this information. You may wonder how much they know about you — and if the information is correct. Problem is, even you don't have access to all the data that's collected about you. Below, we summarize your access to your own personal information.

Information collector What do they know about you?

Can you see


How can you get your own report?
Insurance Services Office (ISO) The "All Claims" database: your credit report, claims history, motor vehicle report, doctors you've been to, depositions given about you. You can obtain a copy of your Auto Property Loss Underwriting Service (A-Plus) report by calling (800) 709-8842. Yes, but only if you've been denied a claim and you suspect there is an error in your report. Call (201) 469-2000, or (800)888-4476 ask for the "ISO Claimsearch" unit. You may have to send a letter explaining your claim denial or fill out a form provided by ISO in order to obtain a copy of this report.
ChoicePoint The CLUE database: your credit score, claims history, driving record.

Yes, you can get your report at

any time.

Call ChoicePoint's Consumer Disclosure Center at (770) 752-6000 or (800)342-5339 It'll cost you $8 to $10.
Fair, Isaac Calculates your credit score. Yes, you can see your credit score any time. You can buy a copy of your Fair, Isaac credit score for $12.95 by visiting MyFICO.com. Scores are available instantly online and include your Equifax credit report and strategies for improving your score.
Medical Information Bureau (MIB) Contains medical conditions that could affect life expectancy or health (about 230 different types). Recorded when you filed claims or applications for life or disability insurance. Yes, but it may take up to 30 days.

Visit the MIB Web site at MIB.com. Download the PDF form, fill it out, and send it in with the $8.50 search fee. You can also write or call:

MIB Inc.
P.O. Box 105
Essex Station
Boston, MA 02112
(617) 426-3660

Patient InfoSystems Detailed information about your specific medical conditions, such as asthma or high blood pressure, plus what kinds of drugs you've taken. The company creates custom programs for health plans to help patients manage their illnesses. No, you cannot access your own information. Patient Infosystems
46 Prince St.
Rochester, NY 14607

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