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Insurance resolutions for 2007

Feeling motivated to improve your insurance situation in the coming year? Here are some New Year's resolutions that will fine-tune your insurance matters.

I resolve to read my benefits handbook from my health plan to determine if I am getting all of the benefits I should.

I resolve to call my insurer before undergoing a medical procedure, even if my physician has received pre-approval.
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I resolve to see if buying a long term care insurance policy makes sense based on my age and its affordability.
More: The basics of long term care insurance.

I resolve to make sure I get reimbursed by my insurer for sales tax, registration, and title costs of a new car if I total my current vehicle.
More: Recouping expenses after your car is totaled.

I resolve to look into an umbrella policy to provide affordable protection above and beyond my auto and home insurance.
More: Umbrella policies extend your coverage.

I resolve to finally make an inventory of everything in my home and save receipts for large items.
More: Making a home-inventory list.

I resolve to look into short term and long term disability, because statistics show I'm more likely to become disabled than to die.
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I resolve to evaluate my life insurance needs — mortgage, children, debts — and determine the best life insurance policy for me and my family.
More: Life insurance basics and How much life insurance do you need?

I resolve to double-check the beneficiary on my life insurance policy to make sure it's up to date, especially if I've had children or been through a divorce.

I resolve to examine my retirement picture and, after maxing out my 401(k) contributions and IRAs, consider an annuity.
More: The basics of annuities and Immediate annuity features provide value, but at a cost.

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