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Sunset for Wyoming Health Insurance Pool extended

Participants in Wyoming's Health Insurance Pool (for those who are unable to find health insurance elsewhere) have gotten a reprieve until June 30, 2005. The current program was set to expire this summer.

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Anyone in Wyoming is eligible to join the plan if you meet these conditions: you've been rejected by at least one health insurer for health reasons; you've been unable to find health insurance at better rates than those offered by the state health pool; or you've been offered health insurance with such severe restrictions on pre-existing conditions that the state health pool is a better deal.

The health insurance pool is Wyoming's way of making sure everyone in the state has an opportunity to get health insurance, but there are still some who won't qualify for the pool. You cannot, for example, have insurance through the state pool if you've got insurance somewhere else or if you're eligible for Medicaid or Medicare.

You're also not allowed to rejoin the pool once you've opted out unless it's been a year since you last were a member.

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