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Can I add my fiancé to my company's health insurance if he's not yet divorced? He's been separated for 10 years and his wife lives overseas.

Probably not since he is just your fiancé and not yet your spouse; however, it ultimately depends upon the rules of your company’s health plan.

Eligibility qualifications for health insurance plans vary; thus, it can be worth your time to check with your employer to see if it’s acceptable to add your fiancé to your health plan at this time.

Some employers will extend benefits to "domestic partners," but your fiancé needs to fit their specific definition of this term.  Since he's still married to someone else, it’s likely he’ll be excluded from that definition.

If your fiancé really wants to be added to your health insurance and can’t get on your plan, perhaps this will motivate him to finalize his divorce and marry you. 

Last updated: Jun. 4, 2014