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Will my New York health insurance cover birth control in Miami, where I attend school?

It depends on the type of health plan you have. If it's a managed-care plan that restricts you to a certain network of providers in New York, then you may not have the coverage you need in Miami.

Under the Affordable Care Act, new health plans must fully cover preventive-care services, including birth control, without charging you a deductible, copayment or co-insurance. That means you pay nothing out of pocket for those services. However, that only applies when the services are provided by providers in the health plan's network.

Some health plans have national provider networks, but others have networks limited to a certain region. Log onto your health plan's website or call the insurer's customer service department to learn how the plan works.

If your current health plan doesn't provide the coverage you need in Florida, check whether your school offers a health plan for students. You can also find low-cost care through the student health center.

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Last updated: Oct. 3, 2012