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I am separated and have obtained health insurance at my job. I'd like to be taken off my husband's employer-sponsored health insurance plan while we are going through the divorce process. Is this possible, and do I have to prove to his insurance company that I have insurance?

Yes, you can be taken off your husband's health insurance plan. Ask your husband to notify the appropriate person in the employee benefits department to remove you from the plan. You shouldn't have to provide proof of having your own health insurance coverage.

In fact, your husband's employer may be happy to see you exit the plan. Some companies charge a surcharge on coverage for spouses who can get health insurance coverage through their own jobs. According to Mercer, a global consulting firm, 7 percent of large employers impose a surcharge on spouses in this situation. Another 7 percent do not provide access to coverage to spouses who can get health insurance through their own employers.

A variety of other insurance issues are sure to come up as you go through the divorce process. Do you own a home and cars together? If so, it's best to keep both of your names on the home insurance and auto insurance policies until the assets are divided. Let your insurance company know, though, if one of you moves out of the home and the car is garaged in a new location. The spouse who moves out to an apartment will also need renters insurance.

Don't forget about life insurance. After the divorce is finalized, you may no longer want your ex-spouse asa beneficiary. Changing the beneficiary is simple. Call the life insurance company and fill out the appropriate form.

Besides working with a good attorney, consult with a financial adviser and insurance agent who can help you with key decisions.

Last updated: Feb. 13, 2012