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Is my employer required to cover my infertility treatments? If not, how do I find an insurance company in my state that will?

Whether or not your employer's health plan must cover the costs of the diagnosis and treatment of your infertility depends on your state's insurance laws.

Some states mandate that health insurance plans provide infertility coverage, while other states say they must simply offer it to the employer. That's a subtle but important distinction. A mandate to offer coverage means that employers get to choose whether they want to buy that coverage from the insurance company for extra money.

If your employer isn't required to cover infertility treatment and doesn't offer it voluntarily, there's no easy way to find such coverage as an individual. Insurers are reluctant to include infertility coverage in health plans for individuals because treatment is so expensive.

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An advocacy group called Resolve is pushing for federal legislation that would require each state to adopt infertility-treatment insurance laws.

Last updated: Dec. 7, 2009