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My husband is on his father's health insurance plan. We just got married and he's trying to get his own insurance to cover us as well but his father's insurance refuses to drop him and his employer won't give him coverage until he's off of his father’s policy. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct.  Your father-in-law will not be able to drop your husband from his health insurance plan until his company’s health care open enrollment period.

Health care insurance plans are set up that one can’t make changes to dependents listed on the plan unless you have a divorce, baby, or other certain situations of this nature.

If you are not covered under your parents’ or your own health insurance plan and need coverage of your own until your husband is able to get his own, unfortunately, you missed out on the Marketplace open enrollment period that ended March 31.  You can see if you’re eligible under the special enrollment period due to a qualifying life event by reviewing the information given here.

I recommend you read up on how to buy individual health insurance so that you are informed and will be ready to purchase the right policy for your needs when your husband can get his own policy for the two of you.

Last updated: May. 8, 2014