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New York health care quality concerns tracked online

Ever wondered how your health insurance plan stacks up to the competition or how your HMO rates in customer satisfaction? Ever wondered how your health plan premiums compare to other plans? Abouthealthquality.org allows consumers in the New York area to get answers to these questions with a variety of interactive online tools.

Operated by the New York State Health Accountability Foundation, the site is a clearinghouse of health care information so that consumers can make educated choices about doctors, health plans and hospitals.

The site features report cards for HMOs and hospitals in New York and New Jersey. You can access grades for qualities such as customer satisfaction, medical care, mental health services, premium rates, the provider network and more.

For health care consumers in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, AboutHealthQuality.org has compiled links to valuable resources such as state health facts, home health care comparisons, hospital and nursing home profiles, and professional misconduct complaints.

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