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Humana launches online health plan

A new online, interactive health insurance plan from Humana Inc. called Emphesys is touted as giving more control and flexibility to health care consumers, and reducing administrative costs and hassles for employers.

Emphesys was

designed to increase consumer control of health decisions.

The program is designed to increase consumer control of health decisions, and according to Michael B. McCallister, Humana's president and chief executive officer, "Our vision is to help people facilitate their health care choices, not to make the choices for them."

Through Emphesys, members have access to personal health records, medical alerts, shared decision-making, health coaching services, and an online physician and hospital rating system that allows members to view how other members rate health care providers.

"Emphesys is designed to strengthen the relationship between our members and their physicians by squeezing delays, approvals, and bureaucracy out of the health care equation," says McCallister.

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