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What is the process that my insurance company follows when I file a claim?

Here is a general idea of the claims process:

  1. Insured calls agent or claim service center to report initial claim.
  2. Claim received in local claim office from service center.
  3. The insured receives a call from the claim department to review loss facts and claim-handling procedures.
  4. If an inspection is not needed, the adjuster requests information needed to process the claim and issue a settlement check.
  5. If an inspection is needed, the claim is assigned to a field adjuster who contacts the insured and sets an appointment.
  6. If a contractor is involved, the adjuster attempts to meet with the customer and the contractor to reach an agreed scope and dollar amount of loss. An estimate is prepared and a check is written for the damages.
  7. If a contractor is not involved, the adjuster prepares an estimate and issues a check for the damages.
  8. If the insured obtains a contractor after the loss is settled, the insured is instructed to have the contractor review the estimate and contact the adjuster with any discrepancies.
  9. Every attempt is made to reach an agreed price with the contractor and resolve any discrepancies. If additional money is owed, a supplemental estimate is prepared and a check issued.
Last updated: Dec. 7, 2009