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Do home insurers require the heater and air conditioner to be serviced recently?

Homeowners policies do not require that your heater and/or air conditioner be serviced recently or even regularly. However, it's wise to keep up regular preventive maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems.  If you fail to do so, serious problems could arise – and these repair costs would come out of your own pocket.

Home insurance does not cover home heaters or air conditioning units for issues related to wear and tear.  Neither does your home policy cover mechanical failure not related to a peril covered by your homeowners policy.

Thus, if your outside home air conditioner unit has a malfunction due to constant use in the summer and has a part break, you’d be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement.  What a homeowners insurance policy would usually cover is a situation such as your outside unit is damaged by winds or a storm , such as a tree falling and crushing the unit.

If you have a home warranty or purchased equipment breakdown insurance for your home, then if your heater or air conditioner breaks down it may be covered.  Even with these extra types of coverages, it’s important to properly maintain your heater and air conditioner.  Some warranties and breakdown policies will exclude breakdowns due cause by normal wear or tear or that is due to improper maintenance.

Last updated: May. 8, 2014