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Can I use my homeowners insurance if the garage door came down on my car? The insurance agent says I will have to use two deductibles, homeowners for the garage door and auto insurance for the car. I would like to just pay 1,000 (not 2,000) deductible. I feel he is trying to get me to not file the claim.

Unfortunately you do have a double-deductible situation here. If you're going to make both a home and an auto insurance claim, you'll need to pay applicable deductibles.

Exactly how much is the total damage? You may sense that your agent doesn't think you should make the claim if you're going to yield only a couple hundred bucks in each claim. Frankly it's better to keep your claim record clean than get only a couple hundred bucks. If your rates go up due to the claims, it could end up costing you far more over time.

Last updated: Nov. 15, 2012