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While my car was at my mechanic’s garage for repairs kids broke in and vandalized it. I have been told if the kids are caught I could make a claim against the parents’ home insurance policy. Is this true?

No, claiming against the vandals’ parents’ homeowners insurance policy is not an option for a couple of reason.

First, home insurance doesn’t cover vehicles. Second, insurance does not cover intentional criminal acts – like vandalism.

If you have comprehensive coverage on your, then this would cover damage the vandals did to your car, even if it wasn’t parked at your residence at the time the incident occurred.  Your car insurance provider will want you to make a police report and your deductible would be due.

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance on your car, you can see if the mechanic had insurance (such as a garage-keeper policy) that would cover a loss such as this. 

That said, regardless of insurance you could sue the kids’ parents.

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Last updated: Jun. 6, 2014