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Will my homeowner's policy cover the diamond tennis bracelet my husband got me for mother's day if I lost it? It's lovely, but I'm afraid to wear it out and lose it.

Don’t be afraid to wear your beautiful bracelet, but get a rider from your home insurance company on it before you do.

However, lost valuables aren’t covered by the basic homeowners policy.  You need to add a rider, also referred to as an endorsement or floater, to your home policy to provide coverage for the accidental loss of your bracelet. 

Your typical home insurance includes personal property coverage, which may cover valuables such as your diamond tennis bracelet for theft or if it was destroyed by a hazard or peril covered by your policy.  Even in these covered situations there is usually a low maximum limits for all jewelry of $1,000 to $2,500. You can check your own policy for specifics.

A rider for your bracelet may require a detailed receipt or an appraisal.  You then set the value and schedule the item, so you’ll be covered for the full amount.   What is nice about this separate endorsement is that it usually comes without a deductible.

Home insurance companies’ offerings vary, so check to see what endorsements or riders are available from your particular insurer.  And, if you have other expensive jewelry, such as your wedding bands, you may want to place a rider on them as well.

Last updated: May. 22, 2014