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I was injured on my property. My homeowners insurance company said my policy won’t cover my injuries. Does that sound right?

Yes, it does sound right.  A home insurance policy doesn’t cover injuries you sustain on your property.  To pay for medical expenses resulting from an accident on your property, you would need to make a claim under your health insurance policy.

It’s true that your homeowners policy does include liability coverage, but this doesn’t cover you but instead protects you.  Home insurance liability provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage sustained by others -- as in those that reside outside of your household -- for which you or your family members are legally liable for.

Liability coverage will defend you if you’re sued or a pay damages to an injured party, up to your limits, if you’re found responsible.  For instance, if your negligence caused someone to become injured on your premises.

Your home liability insurance typically will also include what is called either medical payments to others or guest medical coverage.  This is what covers accidental injuries that others receive in your dwelling. So, a guest that is accidentally injured in your home could claim under this portion of your home policy for reasonable and necessary medical expenses to be paid, up to your limit.

What a homeowners liability or guest medical coverage will not pay for is if you or your family members are injured.  This is because you can’t hold yourself legally liable for an injury you sustained on your own property, basically it boils down to you can’t claim against yourself.

Hopefully you have health insurance in place that will help pay for the medical expenses associated with the injury you received at your home.

Last updated: Jun. 11, 2014