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If I make a claim on my old house, sell it and move to a new one, will my premium increase?

Yes, it’s possible that this old claim at your previous residence could affect your homeowners insurance rates at your new home; however, rate increases vary by insurer so it’s not set in stone that your premiums will increase.

Even if you change home insurance providers when you move to your new home, the old claim stays with you.  Home insurance providers, present or future, can order a claims property report to find out your loss history and take that into its rating calculations.

LexisNexis’ C.L.U.E. property report contains up to seven years of personal property claims for an individual.  It reports to the insurer you home policy information and claim information – such as type of loss, date of loss and amounts paid. 

To see what insurance companies are seeing, you too can order a copy of the report here with LexisNexis.

Whether the claim will impact your rates depends upon the rating system of your insurance provider and if the claim makes you look like a risky customer (even if you have moved).  If your rates do rise, your home insurer should inform you of the reason.  If it’s something you want to dispute, you can contact your insurance company to do so or contact your state’s Department of Insurance for consumer help.

When you move, it’s a perfect time to look determine who the best home insurance companies are and compare quotes to find the most affordable one.

Last updated: Jul. 10, 2014