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Wild cats have nested in our attic. The smell is terrible and they are damaging our ceiling. Would this be covered by home insurance?

You will have to speak to your specific insurer and read your home policy to find out, but, in general, a homeowners insurance policy will cover damage to your home by a wild animal so long as the animal is not considered “vermin.”

A standard home insurance policy excludes coverage for damage caused by vermin, rodents, birds and insects. 

Creatures like mice and rats are excluded under this “vermin exclusion” but wild cats aren’t usually lumped into this category.  However, policy definitions for vermin can vary, or be ambiguous, so that is why it’s best to call and confirm with  your agent..

You might also run into a roadblock if you haven’t tried to get rid of the wild cats or prevent them from doing more damage.

Home insurance policies tend to state that damage must be sudden and accidental, not over a period of time where you could have taken some kind of preventive action to stop or contain the damage.  Thus, if you haven’t called an animal control company to try to capture and take away the cats, I would advise you do so as soon as possible.

Last updated: Jun. 26, 2014