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Will my homeowners insurance cover the loss?

Feb. 3, 2007

Home Insurance Forum


I just bought a new ATV (all-terrain vehicle), and it was stolen out of my garage. Will my homeowners insurance cover the loss?

Andrew, Connecticut


Dear Andrew,

According to a spokesperson at your insurance company, CNA, an ATV stored in a garage is covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Like a snow blower or a bicycle, your ATV is considered to be part of the contents of your home, or personal property.

Motor vehicles are generally excluded from home insurance coverage. However, that exclusion does not cover items that don't need to be registered, and ATVs do not need to be registered.

Whether the vehicle will be covered under your own insurance policy depends upon the limits, exclusions, coverage levels, and deductible. If you have opted for a high deductible, for example, you may end up having to foot the bill yourself.

In addition, while CNA considers ATVs to be personal property, that doesn't mean that all insurance companies feel the same way. According to the Insurance Information Institute, some companies definitely cover ATVs through a homeowners policy, some do not, and still others provide coverage only under certain circumstances. As a rule, whenever you make a major purchase, you should check with your insurance agent about coverage.

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