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Can an insurer deny my claim?

I recently purchased a home. The previous owner had made some electrical repairs that are not fully to local code. However, an electrician I know looked at the work and says it is safe. If an electrical problem occurs in the future and the noncode work is proved to be the cause, can an insurer deny my claim? I think my claim still would be paid as the work was done prior to my purchase.

Steve, Virginia

Dear Steve,

You're right. Your insurer, State Farm Insurance Co., would pay your claim if you have an electrical problem. When you purchased your policy, an agent should have inspected the home. "If the electrical work did not appear up to code, we would not accept them as a customer," says spokesperson Phil Supple.


If a fire breaks out as a result of faulty wiring, your insurance company might try to seek compensation from whoever installed the wiring, but you would be protected. Of course, your safety should be your primary concern. You might want to find another electrician to examine your home if you have any lingering doubts about the wiring.

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