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How to Select an Insurance Agent for Your Insurance Needs

This information was provided by the Independent Insurance Agents of America

  1. Ask to see the agent's insurance license.
  2. Ask how many companies the agent represents--if an agent represents a number of insurance companies, he has the ability to look for the best policy to fit your unique needs and to find the best value for your money.
  3. How long has the agency been in business? How long has the agent been associated with the agency?
  4. Has the agent earned any designations signifying that she has received advanced training in the business of insurance?
  5. Does the agency specialize in insuring a particular type of business or a line of insurance?
  6. Did you learn about this agent from someone you trust and respect?
  7. Is the agency a full-service agency that can handle all your needs including, home and auto insurance; life, health and disability coverages; and other types of insurance (for your boat, for example).
  8. Who will handle your account on a daily basis? If it is not the agent ask to meet the other person. Ask about his background, length of service with the agency, etc.
  9. What are the agency's hours of operation? Can it be reached after hours and how? How are claims handled after hours?
  10. Ask how the agent perceives her role in handling claims, how she track claims, and what role she takes in helping to resolve claims disputes between the customer and insurance company.
  11. Ask about his involvement in the local community. What organizations does he belong to; does he serve on any local boards, participate in volunteer activities, etc. IIAA believes that an agent's active involvement in his community often translates into a greater commitment to his customers.
  12. Is the agent a member of local, state or national insurance trade organizations? Membership connotes professionalism and a commitment to continuing education in the field of insurance. IIAA is the largest and oldest agent association in the country, representing more than 300,000 owners and employees.

This information reprinted with the permission of the Independent Insurance Agents of America. For more information about the organization, you can visit their web site. 

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