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The 10 most dangerous days for pets
By Insure.com staff

Weekends, holidays and the dog days of summer are the most dangerous times for pets, according to an analysis of insurance claims by Veterinary Pet Insurance.

The company tracked insurance accident claims of more than 485,000 pets through 2010, and found more accidents occur in the summer months--most pets received treatment the day after holidays and weekends.

VPI designed the following as the 10 most dangerous days for pets in 2010:

1. Monday, June 7

2. Tuesday, Sept. 7

3. Monday, June 14

4. Tuesday, June 1

5. Monday, June 21

6. Monday, Aug. 9

7. Monday, April 26

8. Monday, June 28

9. Monday, April 5

10. Monday, Aug. 2

Treatment for accident claims spiked following holidays, especially Labor Day, Memorial Day and Easter. June was the most dangerous month of the year with 4,145 claims for an average of 138 pets treated each day for accidental injuries. The safest month was December with an average of 108 pets treated each day, according to VPI.

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