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California tweaks low-cost car insurance program
By Insure.com staff

California recently made its low-cost auto insurance program more convenient for consumers.

A new temporary proof of insurance card now can be printed at offices of participating insurance agents. The change eliminates the two-week wait for mailed proof of insurance cards.

"Consumers complained that a two-week wait for identification cards made this program less desirable," California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a press statement. "Waiting two weeks for cards to show up in the mail meant that people either drove without proof of insurance, or they signed up for higher-cost insurance so they could get the identification cards and go to the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles]."

The program also launched a texting feature to make purchasing a policy easier. When consumers text "low cost" to 65374, they are prompted to provide their ZIP code and then are matched to pre-screened insurance agents in their area. The agents call consumers with formal quotes and help them sign up for the low-cost insurance program.

The program provides liability-only insurance for less than $400 a year. Drivers may qualify for the cheap car insurance rates if they have a good driving record, are at least 19, have been continuously licensed to drive for three years, own a vehicle valued at $20,000 or less and meet income eligibility requirements ($27,225 for one person, $36,775 for two people, and up to $55,875 for a family of four).

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